Guest Writers

Calling Guest Bloggers!

We would love to have as many voices as possible participate in this blog, and welcome a variety of guest bloggers!

What we are asking for

  • Life stories that highlight a relevant topic: How has polyamory impacted how you talk about relationship problems with your friends? How do you talk about polyamory with your kids? How have you grown from your kink experiences? How did you come to a genderqueer identity? Etc etc, all of these stories are useful!
  • Informal information sharing: Definitions and theories about something you have experience with and resources to share. This can include things you’ve learned/noticed while living in the community of discussion. A collection of links to blog postings on the subject or online resources would be much appreciated.
  • Formal information sharing: Are you a medical, legal, or academic professional? Can you give us some insight to the legalities, medical issues, or various social science perspectives on a topic? Great! Please include citations.
  • Documentary/Book reviews: Read a stellar book about sex-positivism? Watch a stellar documentary? A run-down and talking points would be much appreciated!
  • Other things: Have an idea not listed here? Email me!

Topic areas to blog about

  • Pan/Omni/Pomo/Bisexuality
  • Sacred sexuality/tantra
  • Sex work
  • Genderqueer, androgyny, or challenging a gender binary
  • Asexuality
  • Object sexuality
  • Sex and aging
  • Sex and disability
  • BDSM/kink/fetish
  • Polyamorous relationships
  • Stigma and minority sexualities
  • Legal implications for minority sexualities

The process

  1. If you would like to guest blog, please send me an email with your name, topic area, and some description of what you hope to be talking about in the post. I’d also like to know how you know what you know (i.e. is it from personal experience, formal training, events, etc).
  2. We will decide on a topic and estimate time frame. Write, write!
  3. Once you have written the blog, please pass it along to me to review. I will make sure it’s in line with the goals and priorities of the website first.
  4. I might send you some revision suggestions, but only if something is a really big deal.
  5.  Then I can either grant you permissions to post it from your own wordpress account, or if you don’t have one/would rather stay anonymous, I will post it for you and credit it to you.

What you get out of it

  • A chance to have your voice heard on a sexuality related topic you have strong feelings about but don’t see discussed as much as you’d like.
  • Publicity for your website/cause/idea/self 🙂
  • My gratitude!

What we DON’T want

  • Inflammatory posts that attack some group- including mainstream opinions.. us vs them won’t get the movement anywhere.
  • Therapy posts- it’s certainly important to talk about the things that have hurt you and you need to process, this just isn’t the appropriate forum for it. If you have some past pain that is a part of a story about healing, growth, and new perspectives on some issue, that’s fabulous… If you need to process or get things off your chest, I totally support that, but in a different forum.
  • ‘My word is law’- opinions and collected information is great, but notice how many of my “intro to a topic” posts start with the ‘this is how I see it, mileage will vary’ disclaimer? Please use similar disclaimers when sharing your observations and findings. Thanks!
  • Things not related to intimacy, sexuality, or relationships. Self explanatory.

Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon!

constikaratha AT gmail DOT com


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