Lets talk about sex(uality)!

3 Oct

“The time has come to think about sex. To some, sexuality may seem to be an unimportant topic, a frivolous diversion from the more critical problems of poverty, war, disease, racism, famine, or nuclear annihilation. But it is precisely at times such as these, when we live with the possibility of unthinkable destruction, that people are likely to become dangerously crazy about sexuality. Contemporary conflicts over sexual values and erotic conduct have much in common with the religious disputes of earlier centuries. They acquire immense symbolic weight. Disputes over sexual behaviour often become the vehicles for displacing social anxieties, and discharging their attendant emotional intensity. Consequently, sexuality should be treated with special respect in times of great social stress.” — Gayle Rubin, Thinking Sex: Notes for a Radical Theory of the Politics of Sexuality

It is also time to talk about sex. Increased awareness of LGBTQ issues has led to an increased public discourse about sexuality, including policy shifts towards increased inclusiveness, and conservative public backlash as the movement has gained momentum. Even as policy changes perhaps slower than those within the movement may desire, the important thing is that, as a culture, we’re talking. Compliments of the internet, increasingly younger populations are able to find community in their diversity, and a generation of less-isolated gay youth are coming of age into the social and political arena. The closet door has blown off, and now America is adjusting to increased awareness and visibility of a diversity of sexual expression.

This is an excellent time to start some discussions about the rest of the rainbow, the forms of sexual diversity that spread beyond LGBTQ. This is a great time to start talking about expanding the rainbow.

I identify as a Radical Sexual Pluralist, a school of thought introduced by Gayle Rubin in the previously quoted document. According to this idea, there is no one “right” or “proper” way to experience sexuality. Sexual culture can be as intricate and diverse as ethnic culture, and as varied in it’s expression. It is my belief that in today’s modern era, any action that may be experienced as sexual that occurs between mutually consenting adults is okay.

I am also a Masters of Social Work Candidate at Western Michigan University. This blog was started as a part of my internship work with the Kalamazoo Gay and Lesbian Resource Center, and the Lets Talk about Sex(uality) film and discussion series will be coordinated through the center.

Through this lecture/documentary/blog series, I hope to start some conversations about different sexual minorities, and offer a variety of perspectives and approaches to stigmatized sexualities. Hopefully through this series, we can start a community conversation about the many shapes and flavors of consent, and help decrease our own personal judgmental beliefs about different groups of people. Stay tuned for book reviews, documentary reviews, this author’s personal musings, and guest bloggers from a variety of backgrounds.. Lets talk about sex(uality)!


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